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Eye Donation

There are millions of people who are blind because of problems affecting the cornea. They can regain good vision by corneal transplantation (so called eye transplant). But the rate of eye donations is far less than the need. Therefore, it is an appeal to everyone to pledge to donate your eyes.

Can a living person donate his eyes?

Eye donations are NOT taken from a living person, but are removed only from the dead. However, anybody can pledge to donate his eyes and his wish can be fulfilled by his kins after his demise.

What part of the eye is transplanted?

Although the entire eye is removed from the body but it is only the cornea that can be transplanted. Usually artificial or plastic eyes are put in the socket of the dead and eyelids stitched together to restore normal appearance of the face.

How to pledge?

All you have to do is to fill up a eye donation form available from any eye bank and submit it in the nearest eye bank. For your convenience eye donation form of the National Eye Bank is given below. You can take a print out of the form and post it to the address of National Eye Bank given at the bottom.

Any other formality?

In the event of death of the individual the relatives / kins are required to inform the nearest eye bank or the physician taking care of the individual about his wish of donating his eyes. They are also required to sign a consent form before the eyes can be removed.

Will the relatives get to know the recepient of the eyes?

No. The identity of both the recepient and the donor is kept a secret.

Are there any payments involved?

No. There are no payment or money involved for donor or for the recepient for the corneal transplantation i.e., there is no payment for the eye or cornea.(However, the recepient may have to pay for the operation charges).

(Form for pledging to donate the eyes)

Please print this form and send it at the address given at the bottom after carefully filling it.

Form 1(Rule 3) Ph. 661123, 6864851, 660110
Ext. 3060, 3062

National Eye Bank

(Authority by Donor for removal of eyes)

I, ____________________________________________son/daughter/wife of _____________________________________________ aged _________ years, residing at ________________________________________________________________________ hereby express my free and frank consent for the removal of my eyes after my death from my body, by a registered medical practioner (Ophthalmic) of a recognised Eye Bank / Hospital for their use for therapeutic purposes. I have been explained and I understand all the aspect of such a donation.

Place _____________________________ Signature ___________________________

Date ______________ Time ______ AM/PM

1. Witness (Next of kin)

Signature __________________________

Name ____________________________

Relationship _______________________

Address __________________________

Telephone No., if any ________________

2. Witness

Signature __________________________

Name ____________________________

Address __________________________

Telephone No., if any ________________

Name of the nearest hospital _________________________________________________

Name of the family physician, if any ____________________________________________

for official use only

Donor Card No. _______________________

Dated _______________________________

Addressed to:

The National Eye Bank

Dr. Rajinder Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences
All India Institute of Medical Sciences
New Delhi - 110 029

(End of form)

The information given here is for public interest.