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Ophthalmology Links

Scroll down to view the list of ophthalmology sites on the internet, or use the search facility to search the web. If you know of any more ophthalmology site of interest, please send the URL and a brief description of the site using the form at the bottom of this page.

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Eye Diseases: a comprehensive list of eye diseases links.

  1. Academic positions List of academic positions available in Ophthalmology.
  2. Aditya Jyoti Eye Hospital Eye center for vitreoretinal surgery and research at Bombay, India.
  3. AAO American Academy of Ophthalmology.
  4. AJO American Journal of Ophthalmology.
  5. AMA American Medical Association
  6. ArchivesArchives of Ophthalmology
  7. ARVO The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalomology
  8. ASCRS American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  9. CibaVision CIBAVision Ophthalmics.
  10. Cornea Associates of Texas, PA
  11. Cornea Eye Web
  12. Columbia University Columbia University, Center for Retinal Research.
  13. Cyberspace Hospital, Ophthalmology Department A Virtual General Hospital.
  14. ESCRS European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.
  15. The Eye! by Dave Edmiston, MD
  16. The Eye Disease ListComprehensive list/links of eye diseases
  17. The Eye Institute Northeast Oklahoma
  18. EyeNet Emory University.
  19. EYE-Online EYE-Online.
  20. ET Online Eye on the Internet.
  21. Eye Surgery Simulator
  22. Eyeville Eye Care Information
  23. The Gimbel Eye Centre , Canada
  24. Newsgroup
  25. Glaucoma Home Page The Glaucoma Associates of NewYork.
  26. The Glaucoma Foundation
  27. Humphrey Humphrey Instruments.
  28. Hurdin MD Health/medical index site ophthalmology page..
  29. Indian Ophthalmologists Online An online association of Indian ophthalmologists. Membership is free.
  30. Instituto de la Vision, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  31. International Society of OnLine Ophthalmologists
  32. International Society of Refractive Surgery
  33. IEF International Eye Foundation.
  34. IJOInternet Journal of Ophthalmology
  35. Internet Ophthalmology SUNY Buffalo Internet Ophthalmology.
  36. International Ophthalmology Symposium Japanese Ophthalmological Society
  37. JGS Japan Glaucoma Society.
  38. Laser and RK Eye Centers Laser and RK Eye Centers, South California.
  39. LensNet Lens and Cataract Researcher Internet Directory.
  40. LSU LSU Department of Ophthalmology.
  41. MedSearch Medical recruiting for physicians, administrators and allied health personnel.
  42. McGill Univ. McGill University Department of Ophthalmology.
  43. MedWeb MedWeb Ophthalmology Page.
  44. MITMicropsysAn Ophthalmic Practice management program
  45. Mount SinaiMount Sinai Department of Ophthalmology (New York)
  46. NANOS North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society Home Page
  47. NASA NASA Vision Science and Technology Group.
  48. NAVHNational Association for Visually Handicapped
  49. NEI National Eye Institute.
  50. NOAH National Association for Albinism and Hypopigmentations
  51. NKF National Keratoconus Foundation.
  52. Northern NJ Eye Institute
  53. New York Eye and Ear Infirmary NYEEI Home Page
  54. New England Eye Centre
  55. Ocular Imaging Center Ocular Imaging Center, NYEEI.
  56. Ocular Surgery News
  57. OASOphthalmic Anesthesia Society
  58. OPS Ophthalmic Photographers Society.
  59. OS+L Ophthalmic Surgery and Lasers.
  61. OPTICAL UC Berkeley Computer Graphics OPTICAL project: optics and topography involving the cornea and lens.
  62. OSAOptical Society of America
  63. Pediatric Ophth. Pediatric ophthalmology site.
  64. Penn State College of Medicine , Ophthalmology Dept.Resource Guide for Persons with Vision Impairments.
  65. Retina References Retinal reference page.
  66. Retina Resource The Retina Resource.
  67. Review of Ophthalmology Review of Ophthalmology www site.
  68. RK Radial Keratotomy Home Page.
  69. RK Master RK software system.
  70. RLI PRK Page.
  71. RSS Refractive Surgery Suites.
  72. Salt Lake Eye Foundation, Calcutta, India.
  73. SERI Schepens Eye Research Institute.
  74. Ophthalmology Newsgroup.
  75. Shanker Nethralaya. A leading eye centre of India involved in training and research.
  76. Slack Slack, Inc.
  77. Sjögren's Syndrome Dry eye and Sjögren's Syndrome.
  78. StanfordStanford Vision and Imaging Science and Technology.
  79. SuperDOC Multimedia application .
  80. Texas Tech Texas Tech University.
  81. TLC The Laser Center.
  82. Tufts Univ. New England Eye Center.
  83. Universidad de Los Andes. Bogota, Colombia.
  84. Univ. of Arkansas Eye Clinic at Arkansas Children's Hospital.
  85. UCSD University of California San Diego, Department of Ophthalmology.
  86. Univ. of Derby Colour Research Group, University of Derby, UK.
  87. Univ. of Giessen, Ophthalmology Department
  88. Univ. of Goteborg, Ophthalmology Department
  89. Univ. of Indiana Optometry and Visual Sciences Group
  90. Univ. of Iowa University of Iowa, Department of Ophthalmology.
  91. Univ. of Kansas University of Kansas.
  92. University of Lund, Department of Ophthalmology , Sweden.
  93. Univ. of Melbourne, Department of Ophthalmology
  94. Univ. of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Medical Center.
  95. Univ. of Rochester Center for Visual Science, University of Rochester.
  96. Univ. of Oklahoma University of Oklahoma.
  97. Univ. of Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh Department of Ophthalmology.
  98. Univ. of Sheffield Medical School, Department of Ophthalmology and Orthoptics.
  99. Univ. of Tennessee University of Tennessee, Memphis.
  100. Univ. of Utah University of Utah, Ophthalmic Pathology.
  101. Univ. of Wisconsin University of Wisconsin Medical School.
  102. Vanderbilt University Vanderbilt University.
  103. Visual Health And Surgical Centers of the Palm Beaches Home page for a Florida practice group.
  104. VisionNetwork Eyecare information on the Internet.
  105. Vision Research Vision Research WWW server.
  106. Vision Science WWW Virtual Library.
  107. Washington Univ. Washington University, Department of Ophthalmology.
  108. Wilmer Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University.
  109. The Young Eye Institute The Young Eye Inst. WWW Home Page
  110. 20/20 WebSearch Vision Related Search Directory..

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